What are the five different ways to visualize the data?

The five ways to visualize data are:

  • A stacked percentage graph to see percentage changes over time.
  • A stacked line graph to visualize overall trends over time.
  • A line graph overlaying each trend over time.
  • A pie chart to view percentage breakdowns by year. To view data for other years, move the slider below the pie chart.
  • A bar chart comparing trends and percentage breakdowns over time.

Additional Instructions

  • Below any chart or graph, you can view a Table detailing the financial information in the chart above.
  • Use the Help drop-down in the top right corner for additional help navigating the reports.
  • Use the Download drop-down in the top right corner to download an image of the graph or table as a.png file. And / or spreadsheet as a.csv file.

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