Service & Maintenance

Service Department

The Service department is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of the City. They work to keep the roads and sidewalks in good repair; which includes snow plowing and salting during our long northeast Ohio winters. They also work to fix the potholes that inevitably will appear. The City works in conjunction with the power company to maintain street lights in good working order.

They also help maintain our local parks including maintenance of playground equipment and mowing. Maintenance and operations of the Rittman Cemetery and Pioneer Cemetery are also the responsibility of the Service Department. During the Summer months, the Service Department sprays for mosquitoes in an attempt to facilitate safe and comfortable outdoor living.

Report a Maintenance Concern

Although we do our best to keep up with these assigned tasks, it is inevitable that we might miss something. If you notice road conditions which are less than optimal; or a street light is out, please use the Report A Street Light Outage or Pothole form to contact the Service Department so the problem can be corrected. If you need immediate assistance, please contact our Service Director at 330-925-2061.

Maintenance Department

The City's maintenance department is responsible for maintaining the small equipment and vehicles within the City. We have one full time, ASE Certified mechanic who works tirelessly to keep all of our vehicle in a safe working condition.

During the winter months, especially, this can sometimes be a challenge. When snowplow trucks are out caring for the roads; our mechanic is working to make sure all the trucks are able to perform their jobs. Of course, the work does not stop there. Come spring, he can be found working on all of the lawn maintenance equipment; readying it for duty.

Among all of this seasonal work, our mechanic performs preventative maintenance for the Street Department, Police Department, and EMS Department in an effort to extend the safe, useful lifespan of these vehicles.